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Makaila Borgerson

Makaila is a textile artist based out of Atlanta, GA who utilizes ancient methods and techniques of dyeing (shibori & itajme) in creating her painter-like images on fabric. Her dyes and hand-made sustainably and responsibly using plant-based additives/agents along with 100% organic and unbleached cotton. The ethereal vs. harsh nature found in landscapes where Makaila grew up in the northern Wisconsin hillsides and busy U.K. city streets to be specific, have informed and inspired a geometric vs. fluid relationship she is investigating in her work. She is drawn to the delicately malleable and sculptural nature of fiber/textiles works as a conductor, or host, to the dyes as they evolve to reflect a chaotic, yet organized repeat pattern. Makaila holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with a concentration in textile design from Georgia State University.