Diana Toma

Diana Toma is an award-winning Romanian visual artist living and creating in Atlanta, Georgia. Influenced by the European culture in which she was raised and enriched with American flavor, her style arrived at a unique cross that blends traditional techniques in a contemporary approach. 


Diana has been engaging with the art community since 1995 participating in numerous art project and showcasing her work in over a hundred collective exhibitions and Solo art shows. Holding a masters degree in fine arts from the prestigious Romanian University of Art and Design in Cluj-Napoca, Diana is an esteemed professional artist and teacher. “I am fascinated with observing unassuming moments. I paint portraits of people and instances as an opportunity to witness and capture the uniqueness of being: a quick fluttering in time at the junction of my attention and intent”. Diana’s paintings are glimpses of such extraOrdinary moments created with the intent of bringing forward a sense of wonder, engaging the viewer at an emotional level where self-reflection takes place.


Alongside her studio work, Diana engages others in classes were teaching to paint becomes what she calls “Creative Living” by which helps others to uncover beautiful images of themselves, as documented on her YouTube channel @ArtByDianaToma