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Carolyn Meltzer

Carolyn has always been drawn to visual images, having studied both photography and imaging science and worked as a radiologist as well as fine artist. “I am fascinated by the natural world around us and how, if we look close enough, we can more strongly sense both its beauty and its harshness.” Growing up in suburban Long Island, New York as a tomboy-ish kid, Carolyn speaks of climbing trees, playing in fields and escaping to the outdoors whenever she could. “Hiking, biking, and running allowed me to breath in the world around me and I picked up a camera early on.” Carolyn’s goal is to convey a sense of the dynamism of nature, as she uses a slow shutter speed in only natural light capturing the vibrant, close-up, often abstract and insular views of the natural world through a shallow depth of field. Her photography has been featured in multiple venues. In 2011, my work was showcased in a one-woman exhibit entitled “Consider the Dew Drop,” at Rose Squared Gallery in Decatur, Georgia. One of the show’s pieces, “Watercolour” received an Honorable Mention in the Women in Photography International Competition 2012.

Carolyn speaks with gratitude at the privilege of studying with several master photographers, including Kathryn Kolb and Eileen Rafferty.