gallery artists

Anne Ostholthoff

The imagery of Anne's work includes both abstract and direct references to nature, language and faith drawing from years of childhood play in the pine tree, creek-bed, rock garden back years of Atlanta, Georgia. Each painting starts with a familiar "abstract language" of gestures repeated over and again - curvilinear lines, doodle-like swirls that have become a consistent part of her voice...sometimes clear, sometimes not. Anne paints to express what God has placed on her heart at the time, and hopes that others will gain insights into their own lives as a result. Anne talks regularly about how we all have struggles and joys, challenges and new heights of self-awareness to reach, and that it is the moments when particular thoughts arise with clarity and joy that she is compelled to paint and share the conversation with others. Anne earned her MFA in Painting from The School of Visual Arts in New York, New York.

Matt Armstrong

"I am passionate about truth. I use my art as a way to present what I see is true in my life and share it. I find the language of art has a way of reaching people’s hearts and minds in an effective way that words alone cannot. So, I use my art as a means to converse. For me, producing artwork is kin to starting a conversation. When I have an idea I work through it and present it to an audience. From there the audience takes in my shared idea and has a chance to respond to it. The response to my artwork is just as important, if not more important, than the original artwork itself. The audience is what gives my art life, and takes it where it cannot go on its own. And because the audience interaction is paramount, whatever aesthetic gets the message across clearest is the direction I choose to go. And, as with any good conversation, I try not to “say” too much at once and leave plenty of room for response. What’s exciting to me is that I cannot always anticipate what the response will be, so our conversation can go anywhere. But in the end my hope is that both you and I can find what is true together." You can see more of Matt's work at

Makaila borgerson - artist in residence

Makaila is a textile artist based out of Atlanta, GA who utilizes ancient methods and techniques of dyeing (shibori & itajme) in creating her painter-like images on fabric. Her dyes and hand-made sustainably and responsibly using plant-based additives/agents along with 100% organic and unbleached cotton. The ethereal vs. harsh nature found in landscapes where Makaila grew up in the northern Wisconsin hillsides and busy U.K. city streets to be specific, have informed and inspired a geometric vs. fluid relationship she is investigating in her work. She is drawn to the delicately malleable and sculptural nature of fiber/textiles works as a conductor, or host, to the dyes as they evolve to reflect a chaotic, yet organized repeat pattern. Makaila holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with a concentration in textile design from Georgia State University.

jessica bush

Based in Atlanta, Jessica is a self-taught southern artist. Jessica has an art making process that is very intuitive, drawing on abstract emotions and ideas tucked away that appear in her work in ways that she cannot explain. Using a wide variety of media, Jessica paints to understand and invites others to view her work in emotional terms. She hopes the work itself serves as a key to what they see -- which to her is more beautiful than any painting she could create. As agnes Martin once said, "We have a tremendous range of abstract feelings, but we don't pay any attention to them." Jessica hopes people can pay attention and gain new inspiration from their own internal experience of her work. Jessica's career is on the rise, garnering attention from galleries, firms and decorators globally.

Billy Newman

"With my camera, I reveal images unseen through our normal human vision. I explore plants, flowers, ice, light, motion… almost anything in which I can discover new images. I recently began exploring the spaces between what we see literally and what we think we see. In my botanical work, I started shooting petals or stems so close to the lens and so far out of focus, I could no longer see them, but the distortion they provided changed the image. No longer was a flower just a flower. It was a flower that appeared to vibrate or dissolve away. Realism gave way to impressionism and abstraction. The same thing happens with the ice and water images - as they offer different elements of distortion. In shifting the focus, I am no longer just photographing the ice, I'm capturing reflections and refractions as the light passes from sun to ice to lens. In essence I am capturing light itself. I want to see the unseen. We are constantly exploring realms of the unknown: space, science, philosophy, etc… I am no different than the rest of humanity. I simply use the tool I know best, the camera."

bayberry lanning shah

Bayberry creates paintings with a process similar to that used in composition of music. She has been creating award-winning visual work since childhood and then graduated with a degree in Music Performance from Miami University in Ohio. She uses photography to capture macro shots of flowers she then paints, looking intently into their natural beauty and then reflecting grandly for us in paint the singular image that moves her most. Bayberry has collected thousands of photographs of unique flowers while traveling to over 40 countries and has exhibited her work locally, nationally and internationally. She has been featured in one-woman shows at the Atlanta Botanical Garden as well as the Memphis Botanic Garden. In her work we see a conversation unfolding between artist and viewer, between God the creator of all natural beauty and us the human being, inviting us to consider what it means to bloom!


other artists:

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