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Anne Ostholthoff

The imagery of Anne's work includes both abstract and direct references to nature, language and faith drawing from years of childhood play in the pine tree, creek-bed, rock garden back years of Atlanta, Georgia. Each painting starts with a familiar "abstract language" of gestures repeated over and again - curvilinear lines, doodle-like swirls that have become a consistent part of her voice...sometimes clear, sometimes not. Anne paints to express what God has placed on her heart at the time, and hopes that others will gain insights into their own lives as a result. Anne talks regularly about how we all have struggles and joys, challenges and new heights of self-awareness to reach, and that it is the moments when particular thoughts arise with clarity and joy that she is compelled to paint and share the conversation with others. Anne earned her MFA in Painting from The School of Visual Arts in New York, New York.